Friday Video Dump

Robert here. If you haven’t listened to our most recent episode where we break down Episode 3, click here to take a listen.

In this post going forward, I might just try to share some other Game of Thrones “media” that helped me to understand the recent episode or some other part of the story. This week, the first video is a nice recap of the past episode, done by a YouTube user by the name of Alt-X. His recaps and other videos are pretty insightful, and I found this a particularly good addition to our recent episode as he touched on some of the events of the episode that we didn’t get to. It’s a fifteen minute video, so give him some love and take a look:

The other video is the HBO trailer for Episode 4 – “The Book of the Stranger.” Al and I talked about this preview in the last episode and what the scenes might mean for Sunday night. Take a look:

Until next week!

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