Friday Video Dump

We’re back with another Friday Video Dump. In our last podcast, Al and I talked about Episode 7, but we also discussed what we are expecting from Episode 8. In today’s video dump, I figured I’d give you the trailer for Sunday per usual, but also a YouTuber’s interpretation of the trailer as well, in hopes that you will get some new perspective on the upcoming episode.

Here’s the HBO trailer:

And here’s TheWhyGuy with his interpretation of the same trailer and what he expects. (Some NSFW language in his video).

His thoughts really opened my eyes to some new posibilities, pointing out some things that I hadn’t even considered, so it will be an interesting watch on Sunday. The episode on Sunday is expected to fill the entire hour, so I’m sure there will be plenty of developments as we lead up to the penultimate episode on the 19th.

Until next time…