About Us

Our hosts, Rob and Al, met each other circa 2003 at a drill weekend while serving with the 334th Quartermaster Battalion in the Army Reserves. A friendship developed, culminating in being roommates both in Connecticut and in Iraq while deployed in 2010. Even though we now live on opposite sides of the country, we have continued to chat on a fairly regular basis over various forms of social media and have finally decided to join the podcast revolution and start recording our conversations at least once a week. A shared love of the books from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and the subsequent television show Game of Thrones on HBO, prompted the idea for the podcast, but we plan on expanding our reach to pop culture and other current events.

Robert Eberhard was born and raised in Utah and currently resides in Clinton with his wife and son. He is well traveled, visiting 44 states, a Canadian province, and a handful of foreign countries. He’s worked for the government a couple of different times (Army Reserve, IRS (twice!) and now the Bureau of Land Management), as well as a financial writer, accountant, and other short-term stops along the way. He owns his own accounting business – RonStel Financial – and is currently completing a master’s degree in accounting with hopes of eventually becoming a CPA… but mainly because he just doesn’t want to pay back his student loans just yet. In addition to his current studies, he possesses two bachelor’s degrees – accounting (Post University) and political science (University of Connecticut) – and a master’s degree in finance from the University of Illinois. Despite all of this education, he feels overworked and under paid and longs for the day in the (hopefully) near future when he has won the lottery and can just hang out on his alfalfa farm all day and stare at goats. Until then, he’s trying hard to be a great father and husband and slaving away for the “man” in an administrative position.

Albert Gilbert has lived in Connecticut his whole life and is currently completing his degree at Quinnipiac University. He’ll add more to this bio when he feels like it, so for now, this will have to do.