Hello world!

Robert here. I’d like to personally thank you for finding our page and hopefully listening to our podcast. Al and I are both new to the podcast game, but we hope that we can be entertaining enough for you to come back week after week to listen to us blather on about whatever it is we will be talking about that week.

We’ll be sure to post some things here over the next few weeks that helps to detail some of the things we will be talking about on our podcast, but as a means of introduction, let’s just say the first 12 episodes or so will be pretty Game of Thrones heavy, as we plan on discussing each of the episodes after they air. Once the Game of Thrones season ends around June, we’ll transition to a format covering some of the other pop culture and current event things that we talk about away from the podcast.

We can’t wait to share our thoughts on everything of interest to us, and I hope that you can find some time to take a listen or read a few paragraphs here and there and enjoy some of the same things we do.

And away we go…