Episode 13 – The Winds of Winter

In this episode, we wrap up the Game of Thrones season with our discussion of “The Winds of Winter.” Cersei pretty much eliminates all her King’s Landing threats in grand fashion, Jon is anointed KINGINDANORF by Young Lady Lyanna Mormont, and Daenerys finally sets sail with the largest fleet and army in the known world (though the Night’s King might have something to say about that). We briefly touch on some of our thoughts where the story will go in the future, but we try to keep the discussion on Episode 10. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bicoastalpodcast. Thanks for listening this during the season and stay tuned for what comes next for Bicoastal Podcast.

Friday Video Dump

Welcome back to our weekly sharing of videos from the week!

Per usual, in a recent podcast, Al and I discussed the upcoming episode of Game of thrones, which in this case is called “Battle of the Bastards.” At the time, HBO hadn’t released their typically vague synopsis, but now they have: Ramsay surprises his audience. Jon retaliates. Dany is true to her word. (I’ve also seen it elsewhere as “Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted,” and I can’t confirm with HBO right now, so who knows. Either way, it appears we might get at least a bit in Mereen, with rumors around that Dany and Yara meet. But the official trailer is very heavy on the Battle for Winterfell, as you can see here:

For the second half of this week’s videos, I wanted to share some videos relating to the tragedy in Orlando on Sunday morning, which Al and I also discussed in a special episode this week. The videos are all powerful in their own way, so I urge you to take a look and remember what happened this past weekend.

The first video is a CNN’s Anderson Cooper reading the names of the victims as the opening to a show earlier this week. It helps take the victims from mere numbers to the actual people that they were:

The second is a speech given by Utah’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox at the candelight vigil that was held in Salt Lake on Monday evening:

Finally, a touching story from Democratic Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut. Senator Murphy led a filibuster in the Senate earlier this week in hopes to get some gun legislation considered, and ended the filibuster by telling a touching story about a couple of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting:

These videos were things that made the rounds this week, and I personally felt that they were important to share here.

Thanks as always for listening and we look forward to sharing our thoughts about Game of Thrones next week!

Episode 10 – No One

In this episode, Al and I discuss “No One,” the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. We try to figure out what exactly happened in Braavos, what Cersei’s next move might be, and new developments in Mereen. Then, with no idea what next week will be about because of a lack of synopsis from HBO, we try to figure out what all the various images from the trailer mean for “Battle of the Bastards.” As always, thanks for listening and let us know what you think!

Friday Video Dump

We’re back with another Friday Video Dump. In our last podcast, Al and I talked about Episode 7, but we also discussed what we are expecting from Episode 8. In today’s video dump, I figured I’d give you the trailer for Sunday per usual, but also a YouTuber’s interpretation of the trailer as well, in hopes that you will get some new perspective on the upcoming episode.

Here’s the HBO trailer:

And here’s TheWhyGuy with his interpretation of the same trailer and what he expects. (Some NSFW language in his video).

His thoughts really opened my eyes to some new posibilities, pointing out some things that I hadn’t even considered, so it will be an interesting watch on Sunday. The episode on Sunday is expected to fill the entire hour, so I’m sure there will be plenty of developments as we lead up to the penultimate episode on the 19th.

Until next time…

Episode 9 – The Broken Man

In this episode, we talk about “The Broken Man,” Episode 7 and the reappearance of a couple of favorite characters. We have Sandor Clegane, in his first appearance since the end of Season 4, in the Riverlands with the smallfolk building a church with Brother Ray (played expertly by Ian McShane). Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully makes his first appearance on screen since the Red Wedding and parlays with Jaime Lannister, who arrives in the Riverlands with his right hand man Bronn, who himself was back for the first time since the end of last season. We also talked about Sansa’s mystery letter and the attempted murder of Arya Stark in Braavos. Then, in previewing Episode 8 – entitled “No One” – we discussed how Arya leaves Braavos behind and how the Riverlands plotlines might resolve themselves.

Thanks as always for listening!

Friday Video Dump

We’re back (a little late) for this week’s Friday Video Dump!

Per usual, and as we discussed in our most recent episode, here is the preview trailer for Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, which is called “A Broken Man:”

Also, I meant to post these in conjunction with the podcast in which they were discussed, but I got busy and forgot. In case you missed it, Al and I discussed summer movies and which ones we would make a special effort to see in theaters if we had unlimited free time.

First up is our choice for Movie of the Summer – Suicide Squad (Out August 5th):

(Note: I picked this one because of the song choice) Continue reading “Friday Video Dump”

Episode 8 – Blood of My Blood

In this episode, we discuss the recent developments from Episode 6 – “Blood of My Blood” – and what it all means for the major players involved. We talk about how it is nice to see some long gone characters return to the fray, as well as an introduction of a new character that lives up to the hype. Then, as we preview Episode 7 – “The Broken Man” – we cover a lot of ground on what is happening in the Riverlands with the much anticipated return of another long-lost character, as well as how things might play out for Sansa, Jon Snow, and Davos in the North. Sorry in advance for any audio quality issues; it may just be time to upgrade some of the technology.

Thanks as always for listening.

Friday Video Dump

Missed this last week, but as I mentioned the last time that I did this, I want to drop a couple of videos that help to understand the recent episode of Game of Thrones, or simply allow us to enjoy the show a little bit more.

First, as Al and I discussed in our most recent episode, here is the trailer for Sunday’s episode “Blood of My Blood:”

Since we said goodbye to Hodor in the last episode – one of the most tragic deaths in the history of the show – I thought we should also show some appreciation for the former Wyllis and share some of the best Hodor scenes, which ends with probably the best one:

Finally, the behind the scene vignette from HBO featuring Kristian Nairn and Isaac Hempstead-Wright discussing the heartbreaking final scene of Episode 5.

He was a man of one word, but I’ll sure miss Hodor and Kristian Nairn’s portrayal. Until next time…

Episode 6 – The Door

In our latest episode, delayed a couple of days for reasons, we break down the heroic end of Hodor, Sansa coming into her own at Castle Black, and the disappointing start to the reign of Euron Greyjoy. Then, we look forward to Sunday’s episode “Blood of My Blood,” with a discussion of the Lannister’s pending showdown with the Faith and the other looming plot lines from next week.

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Thanks for listening!

Episode 5 – Book of the Stranger

In this episode, Al and I talk about the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, Season 6, entitled “Book of the Stranger.” We focus on the North, with all the happenings in Winterfell and Castle Black, as well as the fiery end to a tent full of khals in Vaes Dothrak. Then, in discussing this Sunday’s episode, we cover what the Kingsmoot in the Iron Islands could mean for Daenerys and her return to Winterfell.

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Thanks for listening!